Dream: The Cow With the Pink Pearl Ring

I have quite interesting dreams. My dreaming subconscious comes up with story lines that my conscious could not imagine in a million years. These dreams can be so interesting (in my opinion, anyway) that they deserve to be written down. I’ve thought this for quite some time but I never really got around to doing it. Today I’ve decided to start an online dream diary. This blog is all about the inner workings of my mind. It doesn’t can’t any inner than these dreams of mine. So here we go.

This dream is the dream I had after praying the dawn prayer on Monday, June 4, 2012. In other words, it’s a  sacred dream.

The Cow With the Pink Pearl Ring

In a parallel universe in the year 2012, I owned a shop. It was an odd sort of shop, full of trinkets and odds and ends. The shop was so large and its contents so diverse that I,

The ring in my dream looked almost EXACTLY like this. I had no idea that there were pink pearls in real non-dream life. I’m going to take this as a sign that I need to point this out to my husband. I need a pink pearl ring to protect me.

the shop owner, did not know everything it contained. Among many other things, I remember seeing baby bottles and lots of candies. My shop was a fun sort of shop.

Although it was a holiday, the Queen’s Jubilee (note that it really is the Queen’s Jubilee in the UK this weekend and my husband was telling me about it last night), and even though my shop was closed that day, I was there with a couple of other people. I’ve always been a workaholic that way. Even though we were there, people who came to the door wanting to enter the shop were turned away. It was a  holiday for goodness sake!

Among the people who came knocking were two men; a father and a son. They were more insistent than the others. They needed to come into my shop. Their insistence frightened me. I threatened to beat them up if they did not leave. When my voice raised with my threats, a very large co-worker appeared at the door behind me. He loomed menacingly above me and the other two men. That was enough to turn them away. They appeared to be very disappointed.

As they walked away, I heard them say something that caught my attention. “Stop! What was that you said?” I asked.

The older man, the father, explained that his wife was gravely ill and that they were looking for The Cow’s pearl ring. Apparently it had healing properties that could help his wife. He believed he might find the ring in my shop. I was touched. I told the two men to come back and to look in my shop for the ring and promised to help them.

The two men, myself, and two co-workers spread out in the shop looking for the pearl ring. Suddenly, we heard a noise just outside the shop. We gathered at the door. It was a cow! The cow was covered in a beautiful, soft, blue blanket to keep it warm. I was fascinated by the blanket. It appeared quite luxurious for a cow. As I was fixated on the blanket, the cow began to poop. As the poop fell, it brushed against the blanket. This upset me. As I watched this – it was all happening in slow motion as things tend to do in dreams – I followed the poop as it fell and suddenly realized that instead of hooves, the cow had fingers! The cow’s fingers were white and plump like a little rich girl’s would be. And on one of those fingers was a beautiful pink pearl ring. “The ring!” I exclaimed. I took the ring off the cow’s finger. Hiding under it was another ring. This ring held a significantly larger pearl in the shape of an eye with coffee-colored swirls running through it. It was mesmerizing. A collective gasp was let out by the onlookers. The larger pearl ring was left on the cow’s finger. I gave the smaller pink pearl ring to the younger of the two men. He was relieved and very happy to have found it. He and his father left to take it to his mother, hoping that its healing properties would save her.

The end.

It did just end there. I woke up. I’m glad I actually reached this part of the story. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of something and never know how things end. And it’s torture!


    1. This is actually typical of how I dream. It’s quite odd. There’s no way on earth I could come up with this sort of thing when I’m awake, which is a shame because I’d love to be able to write things like this.

  1. I thought I was the only one with bizarre dreams, this is quiet fascinating. I had the same idea and I didn’t jot down every dream but what you have right here is a well-written piece. Keep it up and I shall keep following. -Vera45 from Twitter.

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