My Real-Life Amazing Race Against a Volcano

When I left my children in Cairo to attend some meetings in London, I had promised to be back in four days time. A volcanic eruption in Iceland threatened to keep me away from them for days, possibly weeks.

An over-powering maternal instinct to be with my children set me off into the unknown to somehow reach Cairo from Europe’s mainland.

While stranded in London, I wrote the following blog posts:

  1. Travelblog: Volcano Leaves Me Stranded in London
  2. Travelblog: Stranded in London Update
  3. Travelblog: Held Hostage in Style by a Volcano
  4. Travelblog: Difficult Decisions and Many Risks

An adventure ensued:

  1. Racing Eyjajollyfollydolly Part I: Decision Making
  2. Racing Eyjajollyfollydolly Part II: London to Paris
  3. Racing Eyjajollyfollydolly Part III: Paris to Milan
  4. Racing Eyjajollyfollydolly Part IV: Milan to Rome to Amman
  5. Racing Eyjajollyfollydolly Part V: Amman to Home
  6. Racing Eyjajollyfollydolly Part VI: Help, and Lack Thereof, Electronic and Otherwise, Along the Way


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