2. Asalaamu Alaikum Nadia. Congratulations on your summit. You truly are an inspiration. Your experience is very recorded and makes very interesting & helpful reading. Insha Allah, this is one expedition which is personal goal I hope to achieve soon. Please can you mail me any other tips not mentioned in your diary & let me know which tour company you used. I think that apart from your own courage, your guides made the world of difference to your expedition. God Bless.

  3. Dear Ms. ‎El-Awady,

    We are students from Cairo American College, Egypt and we are involved in an Environmental and Global Issues class. We have recently viewed your video about the Water Conditions in Egypt, which was an episode on BBC’s Earth Watch. We are currently in the middle of choosing a community project that will help conditions in Egypt. We were thinking about following up on your project and try to raise money as a school that we will donate to companies in order for them to have money for the filtration process. We were wondering if you could provide us with advice and ideas for this certain project. Do you think it would be a goal we can accomplish as a group of students?

    Furthermore, would it is possible for you to come to CAC to speak to students?

    We are very grateful for any assistance you can provide.

    CAC Students
    – Farida Radwan
    – Lily Campbell
    – Malak Shamsi
    – Abir Freiji
    – Deena Mostafa

  4. Dear Ms. Nadia,

    Really i wanna ask you one thing. what is your understanding of Islam? u know, since three years i try to find out what Islam means? i am a Muslim and from upper Egypt and have sooooooo many foreign friends i lived with the soooooo long time, when i deal with them , an urgent comparison comes to my mind between them and between us as Muslims. this comparison makes every thing dizzy in my life. when u gonna discuss that with any person , he immediately accuses u that i are not a good Muslim. i want to talk about this subject coz i am suffering from that. Plz contazt me on Guide84@hotmail.com

  5. Hi Nadia,

    Haven’t been able to figure out why our email to you has been delayed but if you email me I will send you the invitation to mesh11 we talked about on twitter (I’m @rhh).

  6. OMG! I just went to follow you on Twitter – you have 24,909 Twitter Followers – the online world is your oyster! What about running for a seat in the Egyptian Government????

  7. Nadia,
    The world is changing and why not? the old beliefs need to be challenged as you have done and this points to a paradigm shift for you. By your courage you will inspire others to begin their confrontation of long held beliefs not of their own.
    Thank you,

  8. Wonderful artiles in your blog. Simply loved it. Some of my friends have raised questions related to how age old practices and beliefs still apply to our day to day life and I m currently trying to find more information about it.

  9. BTW, I was introduced to you by a mutual friend, @masriyah25, from Twitter. “Sarah” perhaps could tell you a lttle about me, also.

  10. Nadia, you write beautifully! I just read the piece about the Hijab and took to your writing immediately. What I liked was the way you described what you were thinking all along. I could relate so well to it! That is exactly how the process of change comes to you, every time that you have to unlearn and re-learn. And sometimes, the belief that we are questioning is something we have clung to for years, and any change would mean a startlingly new worldview.what you . I don’t at all mean you do away with your Hijab- your decision could be anything- but what you think tomorrow will no more be the same, because you will have thought, as you say, from scratch!
    Nadia, I so want to follow your blog, but I am on blogger and not wordpress! Can you perhaps register at facebook’s networkedblogs? I searched for your blog there but it wasn’t registered!
    My blog is at http://andsotheywrote.blogspot.com. It is rather new and doesn’t have many write-ups.
    Have a good time!

  11. Nadia writes for each of us seeking to expand our consciousness and the opportunities for making choices.
    It take beauty to recognize what is beautiful.

    1. ahh, found it. totally inappropriate of me to comment here now that you’ve closed the comments, but your thoughts made me think of the philosopher (Solomon) who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes about 3000 years ago.

      (if someone’s words make it that far through time – I reckon they are worth a look at).

      he starts his short work with:

      2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
      says the Teacher.
      “Utterly meaningless!
      Everything is meaningless.”

      Clearly an exasperated fellow, so if that sounds interesting, read the rest here – there are 8 chapters, found here:

      (yes, it is a book from the Torah, but don’t let that put you off.)

      secondly – if God created all things, and is before all things, then it stands to reason that he is distinct from creation and invisible to all our created senses, and therefore undiscoverable by his creation – unless of course he chooses to make himself known somehow, through some sort of ‘analogy,’ that is true but limited.

  12. دكتورة نادية أنت نموذج نسائى مشرف يسعدنى أن يكون واجهة مشرفة لنا فى الخارج وتتويتاتك على تويتر تؤكد مصريتك ومبروك زفاف سعيد وحياة سعيدة ودائمة مكللة بالنجاح والذرية الصالحة

  13. Hi Nadia
    I woke up today wanting to call my beloved father who’s been deceased for 7 months now , Allah arhamo . While on the net I stumbled upon your blog and couldn’t help but smile amidst the tears . Your stories about your father were so much alike mine . He also studied in Cairo and endless stories about his life abroad lol .And coincidentally my name is the same as your sister … From Tanzania ) Allah has a way of aspiring his disciples with the loss through ppl we have hardly met . I know my father is in a better place now and mashallah he was loved immensely by those who knew him
    And strangers alike . I often dream if him reassuring me he is alright n a week before his death I dreamt of it but my heart wouldn’t allow me to accept such date .. But I know Allah never makes mistakes he’s never wrong . Thank you for sharing your feelings n at age 28 I still feel like I’m 5years old longing to have some more moments with my father .

  14. Dear Nadia,
    Im an 18 year old muslim girl in the UK. I stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to say that I relate to your blog greatly. You have an incredible way with words. Have you ever considered writing a book?

    Also if it wouldn’t be a nuisance, would you consider writing an article about starting university and preventing yourself from giving in to a few “temptations” if you know what i mean 😉

    Love your blog!
    Roshan x

  15. Hi Nadia:)
    I hope you are feeling better now and your arm is healing well.
    I need some advice on cycling from London to Paris. Would really appreciate it if I can email you my inquiries. I want to plan a trip with my 3 kids for next summer InshaAllah.
    Thank You,

  16. Thank you for your blog on losing your father. I’m 28 and lost my dad 2 weeks ago suddenly and I just feel lost. thanks for your words

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