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PMS: Beware the Brain Ooze Stains

It’s not easy to explain what pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is like for a woman to a man who has never experienced it.

I have a feeling that this picture was taken at "that time of the month".

But imagine this: you were hit in the head by a wrecking ball two weeks ago and you are now barely coming out of the coma. That’s how I feel right now with about four days left before I get my menses.

I live in a conservative Arab society. I’m lucky to have received a good education here and abroad and to have gone to medical school at that. I’ve long understood the physiological effects of PMS. I know when it hits me and I know ways to deal with it. But I’ve discovered that so many people – men and women – in Arab societies have no idea about PMS and its effects.