Entitled to a Smile

Is this that I feel despair? Depression? Frustration? Loneliness? Just a general sadness? Or perhaps some combination thereof?

I find myself longing for normality. But I try to find my personal definition for what normality really is for me and I fail. Have I ever experienced anything remotely similar to what most people would call a normal living? Has anyone?

I look at my own life, my personal circumstances, and I see a story. I see a life full of drama, events, very high highs and very low lows. I look at my life and I see a unique story. Yet I know that every single person placed on this earth has a unique story of their own.

I am vexed by a feeling of entitlement. I am entitled to live a better life. I am entitled to find a job that I really love. (more…)

Why I Have Decided to Live My Life and Why That Doesn’t Mean My Life Is Perfect

Sometime around my early to mid-thirties, I decided I needed to make some changes in my life. I was a fulltime mother and housewife at the time. And I was more than happy to continue doing that indefinitely. I absolutely loved, and still do, taking care of my children and managing the household. But I had come to the realization, observing my and my siblings relationships with my own parents, that children grow up and go on to have their own lives. If I didn’t find something to occupy my time, in addition to my children, a day will come when I will feel very alone. I was also feeling a need to be financially independent. At the time, my thinking on the matter wasn’t feminist in the slightest. I wasn’t thinking that I needed to be my own independent person and part of that independence was my financial independence. I simply wanted to have enough money to buy a nice shampoo every now and then without my husband complaining about how I was spending “our” money. And I wanted to be able to get my children nice things when I wanted to.

Shortly after I came to these realizations, I began to work. Becoming a career woman radically changed my life. (more…)

Some Things I Can Only Think I’ve Learned About Life

Some things I think I’ve learned about life (as of May 14, 2013):

  • The only way to succeed big is to fail even bigger. Don’t let your failures turn you off from achieving success. Failure is a normal step on the road to success. Work hard, fail, brush your self off, stand back up, learn from your failure, and work even harder. Success will come and will be all the sweeter.
  • Don’t make happiness in life one of your goals. Happiness is an emotion that comes and goes. Learn how to feel content no matter what life deals you. It’s all good: the rough times and the happy times. They all mold you into a stronger and more mature human being.
  • Never make life choices in order to please someone else. This is your life to live. That someone else has made their own choices. But know: choosing to live your life to please someone else, when you do it, is YOUR choice. If you’ve been trying to please someone else, blame only yourself. (more…)

26 Things I Learned in 2012 (and Thereabouts)

  1. Your family and your personal wellbeing always trump work.
  2. Your personal integrity is more important than a good salary.
  3. Love can be found on the tops of mountains.
  4. Never give up on the idea of finding your prince charming. He’s out there somewhere if you look hard enough.
  5. The very very hard times WILL be followed by good times so just hang in there a little bit longer. It will get better.
  6. Don’t worry too much about the details. Focus on the big picture.
  7. Sometimes your psyche and your body are yelling, “Give us a break!” Listen to them. Every now and then we need to give ourselves time to heal and to rejuvenate.
  8. Earth is such a beautiful planet. Make a point to see as much of it as you can manage.
  9. Earth is such a beautiful planet. It’s your responsibility to take care of it.
  10. Great friends are few and priceless. Hold onto them for dear life.
  11. Children are God’s greatest blessing. Treat them with respect and sensitivity.
  12. Be true to yourself. To do that you must know who you are. To do that, look within. Do not be confused by other people’s perceptions of who they think you are or who they want you to be.
  13. Value relationships with loved ones by keeping them strong. This requires lots of hard work. It’s worth it.
  14. To keep fit and healthy one must work hard and feel the pain.
  15. Don’t let the fitness of others demotivate you. If you continue to exercise, you can be as fit as they are one day.
  16. 70-year-olds who are consistent in their workout routines can be more fit than many 30-year-olds. These people deserve respect.
  17. Nothing bad will happen to you if you run in the rain or in sub-zero temperatures so just toughen up and get your jogging routine done.
  18. Live life. You only have one chance to do it.
  19. Don’t live your life through others. Decide what it is you would rather be doing and put together a plan to do it.
  20. There is nothing wrong with being 44-years-old and still not knowing what you want to be when you grow up (or wanting to be lots of different things).
  21. As you get older, your skin will droop and your hair will grow grey. Deal with it.
  22. When your country and your countrymen seem to be drowning in a sea of negativity, do what you can to be a drop of positivity in that sea.
  23. Democracy doesn’t come in 18 days. Hope and dignity do.
  24. Faith is a very personal matter. Do not let others tell you how your faith should be.
  25. Never dispose of common sense…especially when it comes to matters of faith.
  26. Do not allow others to dictate to you how your life should be lived, what you should believe, or how you should behave. They are doing what they want to do. You do what you want to do.

مختبر نادية للفيديو بلوج2: مزاجي راااااايق

حتلاحظوا أني انهارده كتبت كثير في البلوج. عارفين ده بيحصل امتى؟ بيحصل لما بأشتغل بذمة. أيوه والله. لما بأبقى في مود الشغل مخي بيشتغل بسرعة 1000 كيلومتر في الساعة وما بأقدرش أخلي مخي يركز في حاجة واحدة بس. انهارده كان يوم إنجاز. وفي نهاية هذا اليوم المشهود قررت أحط لكم بلوج ثالث. ثاااااااااالث. في يوم واحد. ده غير كل الحاجات الثانية اللي طرأت على ذهني وكتبتها في البلوج على مدار اليوم. جالي اسهال بلوجنج معلش

مختبر نادية للفيديو بلوج

أيوه بقيت مهووسة بنفسي. ودي علامة مرضية مقلقة. نصيبكم أني وصلت لسن أزمة منتصف العمر في وقت البلوج والفيديو بلوج والتويتر والفيسبوك. ما عنديش حاجة أتكلم عنها غير نفسي.

وبالمناسبة السعيدة دي قررت أجرب موضوع الفيديو بلوج ده. حأحاول كل يوم..أو كل كم يوم.. أعمل فيديو بلوج أتكلم عن أفكاري وهمومي. وبيني وبينكم بأعمل ده لنفسي أكثر ما بأعمله لأي حد. لما الواحد يخرج أفكاره للمجال العام بيقدر يحلل أفكاره بشكل أفضل. أو على الأقل دي نظريتي انهارده وخلينا نشوف.

عملت اليوم صباحا 2 فيديو بلوج. أيوه 2. عملت واحد…اتفرجت عليه…وحسيت أني محتاجة أعلق عليه فعملت الثاني

نصيبكم بأقولكم

قولوا لي رأيكم في مختبر نادية للفيديو بلوج. مصيري ألاقي حاجة أكثر إثارة أكلمكم عليها في الأيام الجاية