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Help me go to space!

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I’ve been following the Axe Apollo Space Academy Competition jealously for a few weeks. In my head I was saying, “I want to go to space! I’ve had this dream for a very long time!”

I actually emailed the European Space Agency a few years ago to ask them how I could apply to be an astronaut with them. And before that I asked Egyptian/American scientist Dr Farouk El-Baz if he knew how I might get myself into space. Both were dead ends. But I wasn’t afraid to try. You never know when a door you knock on will actually open for you.

So instead of feeling envious of other people who have applied to join this competition, I decided I would knock on this door as well. Why not? I have a dream. I need to do something about it. If the door opens then I am one of the luckiest people in the world. And if it doesn’t, well then I can’t say I didn’t try.

Why do I want to go into space? I want the chance to look at our world from a different perspective, especially now, especially with everything we are going through in Egypt. We live through very difficult times in my country right now. I’ve chosen to step away, just a little bit, and observe what is happening rather than engage directly in it. I want to get a fresh perspective. I want to quietly decide what my role can or should be. I cannot think of anything that could be more inspiring for me than to look at our Earth, at my country, from outer space.

I also feel like I have something to prove. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I can’t dream of going up into space. Just because I’m a mother of four who is over 40 does not mean I cannot dream of going into outer space. Just because I am an Egyptian, Arab, Muslim does not mean I cannot dream of going into outer space.

We all dream. And some of us achieve our dreams. For me to achieve this one I will need your help. Please go to my profile on the competition website and click on vote. Every single vote counts! Thank you dearly for helping me achieve my dreams.