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Wanted: Crazy People for as of yet Unknown Crazy Adventure

I am seeking a small, select group of really crazy people to start planning for a super-crazy adventure (no idea what it might be at this point – it’s that crazy). Said group of crazy people must be able to get along with and depend on each other. They must know how to turn the worst situation into a funny one. Applicants must have past crazy experiences. They must know how to pee in the outdoors and actually enjoy it. They should not require the use of toilet paper or any sort of sanitizing agent for hands after a good pee or poo. They must not be picky about what/if they eat or where they sleep. They must enjoy the company of insects, the sweaty smell of other human beings who have not showered for weeks, and getting wet (whether from the heat and humidity or from snow and/or rain). Applications must include CV, picture, and a 500 word essay on why you’d want to spend a prolonged period of time with me doing crazy things. Also submit your ideas for potential crazy project and how to fund it.

Applications should be sent as a comment to this post.

Deadline: July 30, 2010.

Five Reasons People Do Crazy Things

It’s been one week now since I scrambled up rocks with 3000 meter sheer drops; hiked up 35 degree snowy inclines, slipping and sliding all the way; skirted crevasses

Climbing the via ferrata with Mont Blanc in the backdrop

partially hidden under loose snow; and clinged to rocky cliffs with my fingers and toes. As I prepared for my trip to Mont Blanc and all throughout the actual adventure I kept asking myself why the heck I was doing it. Deep down I knew there was a reason I had made my reservations to go on this perilous journey. There was a logic somewhere inside of me to do crazy things. Now that I’m back on solid ground in the midst of my children on the shores of the Nile, I think I understand why I do these things and why other people choose to do them as well.

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