Banks and Traffic Are Ruining My Life

If you took all the anger in me right now and concentrated it, you could build a small nuclear bomb.

I need to let off some real steam.

First: traffic.

For awhile now, whenever I drive down Haram St. in Cairo in the morning the traffic is all blocked for a couple of kilometers back. Every single time it turns out to be due to a bottleneck caused by the traffic police themselves.

This morning I had a small errand to run. The traffic was horrible as usual. I kept telling myself that I bet it is the traffic police who were holding up the traffic. Luckily, my errand was in Haram St itself. I simply parked my car on the side of the road and walked to where I needed to get. The place I needed to go to was exactly where the bottleneck was. And what was causing it? THE FUCKING TRAFFIC POLICE!

This is what I saw:  (more…)