Cycling Europe Day 53: Learning By Biking

The good days come just when you need them. It’s been miserably wet the past few days. There is more rain predicted in the next few days. But today we got some glorious warm, sunny weather. We had all our wet clothes spread out over our panniers to give them a chance to dry.

We cycled 92km from Augustow, Poland to Marijampole, Lithuania. It’s so strange how it’s almost always immediately obvious when you’ve crossed a border. The terrain doesn’t change immediately, but the houses, shops, road signs, and sometimes even the people do.

The parts of Poland we cycled through seemed much better off than I had expected.

All our wet clothes were in need of some sun.

All our wet clothes were in need of some sun.

Poland is a beautiful country and the standard of living there seems to be pretty decent generally. The minute we cycled into Lithuania, however, we saw lots of poorly maintained farm houses and homes. There were older more run-down cars on the roads as well. The roads, though, seem well maintained so far.

We cycled through a lot of agricultural land today. I will not lie. There are some countries I’m cycling through on this trip I know virtually nothing about. That’s part of the excitement of cycling through a country like Lithuania. I have no idea what to expect. For someone like me, the best way to learn is by doing. I am really looking forward to learning Lithuania by bike.

Cycling Europe Day 52: It All Balances Out

We cycled 139km today in pouring rain. It was rough. We got soaked. Big trucks rushedimage by us; many a bit too close. At one point, a truck following too closely to the truck ahead of it saw me at the last possible moment. I ended up steering myself into the gutter. I got a big fright but I was all right. We planned to stop after 70km of cycling today but we couldn’t find a hotel – anywhere! So we just kept cycling.

It was miserable…


We saw a wolf climbing out of a ditch on his way back into the forest.

We saw a stork standing over its nest.

We ended up cycling the distance we had planned to cycle today and tomorrow. So we have an extra day we can do with as we please. We’re saving it in case we need a rest day later on.

We found a nice hotel by a lake in Augustow, Poland. It has a steam room and a jacuzzi. We used both. It felt good after that long, wet day of cycling.

I’m eating ice cream as I’m writing this.

My husband is with me.

So you know what? Life is good.