Al-Balagh Cultural Society’s Future in Question

Employees at went on strike yesterday, March 15, after problems escalated with the relatively new Qatari board of directors. Some 50 employees have slept overnight at the organization’s offices in 6th of October City in Egypt as they negotiate acceptable severance packages with the board after learning Qatar intends on ending its contract with the Cairo office on March 31. Employees have announced that the new board has already taken over the website and that Cairo staff are unable to to manage the website or upload material. Sources close to Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi, the head of the organization’s board of directors, say that he is currently considering resigning from the board in protest to current board actions with IslamOnline employees. Employees have said that since the new board began its work, there have been strong indications that they want to see a more conservative approach on the website.

IslamOnline is owned by Qatar’s Al-Balagh Cultural Society.

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