Nadia: The Love Guru

Today I’ve decided that I can dish out the love advice and wisdom just as good as – nope…even better than – all those writers who have written books on love and romance without necessarily having an academic background to support their advice.

I might even end up writing a book summarizing my endless wisdom on love and romance. I’ll put together Nadia’s ten rules of romance. And her ten don’ts in love. I’ll tell you how to find the perfect partner. And then I’ll tell you that there’s no such thing as perfect and that you’re delusional if you think there’s such a thing. I’ll tell you how to keep the fire alive in your relationship. And I’ll tell you how to handle break ups. I’ll tell you all this and much much more because I’m the expert. I know it all. I have this stuff down, dudes!

And to show you, consider this your lucky day. I’ve designated today: Speak to Nadia the Love Guru Day. I’ve already handed out some of my love and romance advice to family, friends, and complete strangers on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s going so well and I’ve already changed so many lives that I felt it was my duty to extend my offer to my blog audience. So I’m dedicating this post for the next 48 hours to giving out my endless wisdom on love and romance issues. Tell me your problems. Dish it all out. And I will help you solve them. Don’t post your name if you don’t want to. Stay anonymous. But tell me your story. And I’ll tell you what to do.

This is a limited offer, so order now!