Training: losing sight of the big picture

It’s very easy to get so caught up in one’s training for an event that one loses sight of the


It’s not about the event. But crossing that finish line sure does feel great when it happens! (This picture is from a past event).

big picture.

That “one” being moi.

I’ve been training for an event for months. Like so many others, I’ve put in a significant amount of time, effort and money to get myself to this event. The waking up early to do a training session before you start the workday. The going out in the evenings for a run or a swim in a freezing cold lake when all you want to do is sink into a couch to relax after a hard day of work. The visits to doctors and physiotherapists – and all the moolah that involves – in order to try to figure out what the heck is wrong with your foot and shin. The new gear – and all the money that involves – because it’s better than your old gear and might give you just a bit of a chance to finish your event. We invest A LOT in order to get ourselves to that start line.

But things intervene. Life intervenes. Family intervenes. Illness intervenes. Injuries intervene. And sometimes all we can think is: But this can’t happen! I need to train! I’ve already invested so much!

Just thinking that the event is the priority and everything else is an “intervention” or a hindrance is twisted. It’s TWISTED.

Well, I’m sick of being that person. It never was about a single event. It’s about having a healthy lifestyle. It’s about keeping myself fit. Events aren’t the goal and shouldn’t be. My goal is to continue to work out for as long as I can in order to be healthy. Events are just stops along the way that I can use as a focal point for my training.

I write this because I was on the edge of becoming anxious about my recurring leg injury that just doesn’t want to go away and let me be. I started thinking that my leg injury might prevent me from getting to my event. And then I saw the big picture and thought, “So what? So what if I don’t make it to that event? I’ve worked hard. I’ve learned tons. I’ve kept fit. I’m probably fitter now than I ever have been despite my stupid leg problem. I’ve done what I aimed to do.”

I’m still going to do everything humanly possible to get to that event. I don’t give up. I’m just not going to allow myself to get unduly anxious about it. I won’t let myself lose sight of the big picture. What will be will be.


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