Cycling Europe Day 12: The Wind

It’s so strange how the weather has changed dramatically from day to day since I



started cycling. I’ve had maybe one or two days of what I would consider comfortable weather. I’ve cycled in searing heat, pouring rain, and misty cold. Today I got gusty 29mph winds. On the autovia! I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not cycling on motorways again. It was frickin’ scary. The wind pushed me against the guardrail twice. It was so windy I had to get off my bike and walk twice – on the frickin’ motorway! – and the wind was still pushing me against the guardrail. Then when big trucks passed by I had even less control because their wind pushes me around too. Seriously never again. I don’t care if cycling on the motorway in Spain is potentially legal. It’s not for me.

I did get into Zaragoza with enough time to spare for a quick visit of the city. It’s probably the largest I’ve been to so far and is full of university students. The old part of the town, although small compared to others, is beautiful.

I’m in a hotel again. I planned to camp tonight, but when I went to the camp they gave me a cement plot that was impossible to stake a tent to. The bathroom near the grassy plots, they told me when I went back to tell them it wouldn’t work, wasn’t open. It was a great excuse for me to ask for my money back and look for a hotel. It was too cold and windy and there wasn’t anywhere other than the tent for me to take shelter. So much for budget travel. That’s pretty much been flushed down the toilet.


  1. How did you like Zaragoza? Would you visit there again? I’m thinking of going there for a few months this summer!

    1. I think it would be a lovely city to spend some time in. It’s not a small town like many of the other places I’ve been so far. It’s also not huge like Barcelona and Madrid. It’s clean and so many people get around on bikes. They have bike routes on the sides of roads. I wouldn’t come back as a tourist. I’m pretty sure I covered the important stuff on this short visit. But to stay to study or to work would be wonderful.

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