I’m a Social Media Addict: End of Day 1

Today I decided to decrease my social media use. I’ve tried this before but it has never lasted for very long. A friend of mine was visiting yesterday and he told me how much better – and less stressful – his life had become ever since he stopped using Facebook six months ago. He also said that that he read lots of books since then. That’s when I decided: that’s it. I’m doing this. I’ve been wondering if I was missing out on life because of my over-use of social media. Now is the time to see if that is the case.

Today I went onto Facebook and Twitter twice. The first time this morning I probably spent about 30 minutes on it. This evening I found myself less interested in going through all my friends’ feeds. I scrolled down just a little bit and then stopped. I didn’t feel like I needed more.

During the day, I did feel a bit of tension every time a thought went through my head that I would normally immediately share on social media. But that tension was balanced out by a general sense of relaxation. I felt more relaxed today than I have in awhile, actually. It is almost as if being constantly on social media gives me some sort of an adrenaline high. Or perhaps it is the constant state of engagement that I’m in while I’m on social media. I was also spared the negative news I frequently find on my feeds and the general negativity that my friends will frequently and understandably express.

Did I get more done today than I normally would? Probably not. I’m actually quite good at multitasking. I usually get things done when I want them done. I just incorporate my social media use into all of that. One result, though, was that I was not in as much as a rush as I normally am to get those things done. I usually check my feeds just before I leave the house and just when I get back in. Not doing that meant I was just meandering along. It felt good.

I didn’t read my book like I thought I would. I didn’t spend my time going crazy over cleaning the house. I ended up spending part of my time watching crap reality television in place of interacting with my friends on Facebook.

My husband and I keep in touch with each other throughout the day by Facebook messaging. Today he had to call me instead. That was a pleasant perk on the one hand, but it meant that we had less contact than we normally did. I obviously had less contact with my friends and other family members as well.

I’m hoping that turning off the computer at a much earlier hour will help me have a more sound sleep. I’m the type that wakes up a lot during the night – although I always manage to get back to sleep soon afterwards – and I always always have nightmares. Will less social media engagement change that in any way? We’ll have to see.

In the meantime, I’m happy feeling a bit more relaxed today.



  1. Hi Nadia,
    I noticed myself for the past few months and was alarmed by the time i spend on social media. In addition, social media specifically Facebook started to affect me negatively. There are lots of negative waves spreading all the over my friends’ feeds and to tell you the truth i started to get irritated that people tend to say whatever cross their minds.. it seems to me that they usually do not make the effort to think it over before posting.. we call this in Arabic اللغط and worse I found that sometimes I fall in the same trap of لغط.. so I decided to deactivate my account. First I deactivated it without telling my friends for a while and then I felt that there are few people I would like to stay in touch with thus, I notified those and sent them my email and some of them i had them already on whats app. Whenever I have a new blog post i notify them through whats app.. I also created an account on Instagram and i have made it private with only close friends.. i have like 10 followers and actually 4 or 5 of them are active users..I started to follow photographers and crafters whom I don’t know and have no connection with and I check that account once every morning so i woke up to see nice landscapes and beautiful crafts:) my life without Facebook is defiantly better.. less stressful.. i spend more time now reading and writing and communicating more with my daughter.. and started to walk more often as well:) You did well in your first day;)

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