What Does It Take to Brainwash the Egyptian People?

Apparently not that much.

“If [army chief] Al-Sisi wants us to go out [to the streets], then we will go out,” wrote one female Egyptian columnist in Al-Masryal-sisi Al-Yowm daily newspaper. She was writing in response to Al-Sisi’s July 24 call to the Egyptian people to take to the streets the following Friday to give the army a mandate to confront “violence and potential terrorism.”

“Frankly, he doesn’t need to invite or order us. All he needs to do is wink… And if he wants to have four wives, we’re at his service. If he wants us as melk el-yemeen [members of his harem], I swear we aren’t above that!” said the much enthused writer.

Al-Sisi’s 40-minute speech on July 24 was reminiscent of Egypt’s first (or second, depending on who you ask) president, Gamal Abdel-Nasser. Speaking with dark sunglasses in his sharp military uniform, he appealed to the Egyptian people with storytelling and apparent sincerity. “I swear to God, I swear to God, I swear to God,” Al-Sisi repeated, “the Egyptian army is as united as the heart of one man,” he said in response to rumors that the army was split over the ousting of Morsi.

Egyptians were almost unanimously fed up with the state of affairs in the country post-revolution. Prices had spiked, electricity blackouts were frequent, fuel shortages were bringing major cities to a virtual standstill, and crime and thuggery were at all-time highs. Public opinion of President Morsi and his Islamist government was sinking into a mud pit.

Egyptians were in need of a savior and Al-Sisi was going to be him.


“You’ve won a gift. Double douvet 220 x 240. Go to the office of the military consul, Port Said from 22 to 25 July, 2013 [to receive it].”

And boy did he stage one amazing entrance. Apache helicopters flew over Tahrir Square as protesters called for the ousting of President Morsi on June 30, showering the crowds with Egyptian flags. As interim president Adly Mansour was sworn in, fighter jets conducted flybys over Tahrir Square, drawing hearts in the sky and trailing smoke the colors of the Egyptian flag. While Egyptians celebrated the 10th of Ramadan (1973) crossings of the Israeli defenses on the eastern shores of the Suez Canal, helicopters spread coupons over several cities, offering free household goods. Possibly conscious of its need for a public image facelift, the army also appointed a new military spokesperson in the fall of 2012, who has recently had an increasingly important role in addressing the masses. Colonel Ahmed Aly, a dashing 40ish man in, of course, heart-throbbing military uniform, already has thousands-strong fan pages, one full of girls who want to marry him.

It has been one huge love fest lately between the Egyptian people and its army.

The army hasn’t been doling out the love to everyone, however. In other parts of Cairo, army helicopters dropped leaflets onarmy spokesperson Morsi supporters, urging them not to take up arms against their brothers. In Sinai, leaflets warned citizens to stay away from the fields and from security checkpoints at night. Early Saturday morning, the army is said to have stood idly by while police forces and armed civilians are claimed to have attacked Morsi supporters protesting in Nasr City, killing 120 and injuring more than 1000.

In the midst of all this, many Egyptians seem to have forgotten the mass calls of “Down, down with military rule!” that were made during the 17 months the Military Council took control of the country post-revolution. Revolutionaries have also forgotten the forced and brutal evictions from Tahrir Square, military imprisonments of civilians, and virginity tests conducted by military personnel on young female detainees.

In the meantime, revolutionaries (and many others) have buddied up with the military and are encouraging them to treat Muslim Brotherhood protesters with the same despised treatment they got when the military was last in power.

Anti-Brotherhood/pro-army protesters now greet army helicopters and F 16s with huge roars of cheers, fireworks, and blinding green lasers that fill the skies. And they offer themselves as marriage partners to them as well, it would seem.

It is as if the country has suddenly been overtaken by a mass of zombies.

Are you an army chief and wish to take over your country from a democratically elected president who has low opinion ratings? Follow the Egyptian example. It is a sure winner. Coupons, hearts in the sky, and army personnel in dark sunglasses (women can hardly resist an army uniform in sunglasses, obviously). That is all you need. You will immediately win over the hearts of millions who will forgive (or forget) every atrocity you may have done in the recent past.


  1. And just as a post-script: you can also brainwash the Egyptian people by telling them that whatever you are telling them to do will send them directly to heaven. I promise you. It works!

  2. Egyptians are easily led as a whole anyway – if they think the majority are doing something – they follow the heard. It’s just their way, I didn’t realize, however, that the men were so desperate.

  3. Are you telling me that the millions of Egypians who took to the streets protesting against Morsi are brainwashed? Starting the post with reference to the article written by El Sharif in Al Masry Al Youm was unfortunate. Choosing to write about the brainwashing of Muslim brotherhood members in two sentences in a post script in the comments section was inadequate. I expected a more balanced post from you.

    1. No I think the writer is saying that the Egyptian people need to think more critically before placing themselves in a position of being merely followers. If anyone proposes to the Egyptian people to take to the streets in protest…why do they readily go without even understanding the essentials of the issue? If you were to ask the average Egyptian why they are protesting: chances are he or she would say’ to fight terrorism” when you explore the meaning of the word with them, they have absolutely no clue of the meaning. Then you ask another the same question and he says that he is pro-Morsi and you ask him/her why… they themselves never gave good intricate thought about the man because they really don’t know him…not to say he is a bad person but rather this demonstrates that the masses lack knowledge about the issues they apparently support. This is a dangerous position to be in. Since one can easily be misled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  4. I read your article and the feeling i get is simply….. anger !!!
    But, i reflected all the same….
    Based on your position, you
    1. do not forgive the army for past wrong doings, and no one should
    2. see that the majority of Egyptians who filled the streets on three different occasions during less than one month are a bunch of mindless zombies
    3. Morsi was an elected president and was removed based on a military coup
    4. the army is to blame for the ( as per your figures ) 120 dead and 1000 injured in the Nasr Street clashes
    5. The army does not need a mandate from the people
    6. Sisi is not someone that we can trust

    Dude, who the hell are you ?
    As a mindless zombie who has had enough after one year of Morsi’s rule, as a mindless zombie who has had a decent education and is well read in international politic and is aware of the overall plan for Egypt from the powers to be and if you don’t, ( well,, go find out )
    Let me put it in a simple zombie way that is easy for you to understand….i am trying hard to be civil here while under the influence of all this brainwashing…..

    The Egyptian army is the last Arab army in the region.
    The Egyptian army is the last truly functional national pillar within the Egyptian State

    You take this democracy talk from an idealistic point of view…let me share a little secret with you … Democracy does not exist….and never will… its a freakin myth…..Again go out an research this…..you cannot have democracy within a state that is based on a capitalist system…..you cannot have democracy that suffers from 50% and more illiteracy….. people keep taking about ballot boxes…..it makes me want to laugh my ass off, as if the powers to be with agendas in place and action plans that have been carried out for tens of years are actually going to leave the ” people” to choose their leaders….. don’t be so naive….and no i am not a conspiracy theorist … i am a realist and have seen this happen before my very eyes……
    It is all about mutual interest…..
    Politics is a dirty game… truly

    ..you speak of millions of Egyptian as mindless zombies….shame on you …i truly am sorry for you ….

    You do not have the decency to include the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies with the rest of Egypt as Zombies…..you see them and position them as victims…….while they are the ones who are creating the real zombies ??? True mind control methods…( again, research this because it is a science )

    Day after day…. the people in Rab3a are closed off from the rest of the world only hearing the voices of those who stand on their stage….. adrenaline pumping…..screaming ‘ Allah Wakhbar ” , then they are armed and sent out to attack military installations……on a quest to become martyrs ……………there are kids standing in Rab3a carrying their “Kafan”…… people standing there wide eyed…..chanting that Islam is coming back and that they are the saviors of Islam……Islam never left in the first place…….it didn’t leave when Prophet Mohamed ( Peace be upon him) passed away….how can they assume such a position ???? the audacity…!!!! .but they anoint themselves in a way that allows them to control people and drive their actions….trading in the name of God and our beloved prophet…..they truly are ” Khawarej Akher El Zaman “…research this if you do not know.

    I ask you who are the real zombies ???
    the millions upon millions who came together under one flag…with no blood shed asking for their right to oust their ridiculous president who had done more destruction to this country during one year than anyone could believe…..
    or the hundreds of thousands whom where ever they show up ends with bloodshed and are in the position of ” we either rule you or we are going to fucking kill every single last one of you “…. and don’t get me started with the whole Sinai /Hamas paradigm….

    So in the end… i am truly sorry for you that you are not an Egyptian by nature….you may be one by name…but it is obvious that you are not one in the core…..

    I read your position and can understand it…and tried to share my thoughts in an effort to share knowledge and not to try to change you ……but i do not accept your position….

    I do not know what your reaction is going to be, you will most probably not accept my position either…
    and that’s your right….

    But get your facts straight, and get more of a bird;s eye view on the issues at hand…everyone wants a piece of Egypt….we are trying to keep it for future Egyptians

    Who knew zombies could give advise & agree to disagree…:)

    Ramadan Kareem 🙂

    1. whatever, Sisi is a fool and he used the June 30 protesters like prostitutes. LOL.

      Seriously, you guys should turn off the TV and quit watching the news. The Ikhwanization of Egypt never existed. Look at actual statistics and facts, as well as international normalizations about Democracy. And any wrong a party does, they can be removed by the ballots. The Ikhwan wouldn’t have performed well in the Parliementary re-elections if you fools just waited a few more weeks.

  5. I can’t believe you people, one of your fellow citizens is trying to open your eyes to the truth and here you are arguing that what you are doing is actually a choice that you have made willingly, well let me tell you a secret: THE EVENTS THAT ARE HAPPENING IN EGYPT AND ALL THE REGION (THE SO CALLED ARAB SPRING) FOR THAT MATTER ARE STAGED AND PLANED. I am not egyptian and frankly if I were I would bury myself alive before I make such claims. You claim that you’re well educated and well aware of the situation but I can’t believe how stupid you are. You destroyed your country and for what. Israel is feasting over what you call revolution and self-proclaimed democracy. Think before you act or you will end up much worse than you were under Mubark’s rule.

    1. Judging from the funny way you spell your name, I’m guessing you’re Algerian. And frankly we don’t need lessons from people who can’t even remove their own dictators. Appreciate the sentiment, but let Egyptians deal with it. We know our situation better

  6. gu gu ga ga. Egyptians are really foolish. Pharoah left a lasting impression. Hail for the return of RemeSissi I

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