Egypt’s Marathon

Three days ago I ran a 10-kilometer race here in the UK where I’m based for a few weeks. This was my second race ever. The day before the race, I was glued to my laptop all day long watching the mass demonstrations that were going on in Cairo that Friday. I was very upset by the goings-on in Egypt. The country seemed to be dividing into ‘the Islamists’ and ‘everyone else’. The language used by many on either side was offensive and divisive. The messages relayed pointed to there being an “us” and “them”, while each “us” claimed to have truth and justice on their side. Egypt looked like it was crumbling.

Everything I saw that Friday demotivated me. And this was reflected in my 10 km race the next day. After running well and strong for one kilometer, I just suddenly gave up. The feelings I had about the race were the same I had about my country: It’s over. This is too hard. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t do this anymore.


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