The Terrible Disease Called Travel

There’s a reason people call it the travel “bug”. The chronic need to travel sometimes feels like a disease. When I’ve been home for a couple of weeks after a trip I start feeling an itch that comes from deep within. It’s like a longing for something that is missing; something I need to plug into my inner being to be whole again. This itch, this longing, this hole inside of me then seems to grow larger and larger until I feel it is so large it will fully engulf me and I will be lost to the darkness of it forever.

I’ve learned to feed the hole as much as possible. I no longer wait for that inner gap to start opening up again before I start making plans for the next trip.  I now have a list in my head of the places I want to go to over the next few months. I have general dates in my head of when each trip can happen. And I’ll already have started researching the first couple in line. By the time I’ve settled in Cairo for a couple of weeks, I’m already actively putting together my itinerary for my next trip. It doesn’t matter if that next trip is several months away as long as I know that I’m working on making it happen.

The trips I plan are like meals. I have my annual main trip, my dinner trip, and I have a couple of smaller breakfast and lunch trips. And then I have my snack trips in between to feed my hunger. My snack trips come in the form of a four-day diving trip to the Red Sea, or a weekend hike up Mount Saint Katherine in Sinai, or a quick plane ride down to Luxor to see the sights and fly back to Cairo on the same day. Breakfast and lunch trips are like flying to Europe for a few days, usually for work but then adding a couple days at the end of the business trip to go somewhere nice. My dinner trips are like climbing Kilimanjaro, going on safari in Tanzania, or train hopping in Europe and ending up wherever the trains take me.

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