Dreams With Sea Creatures

I’ve had dreams of sea creatures the past two days.

Yesterday, a huge manta ray kept flying into my apartment through a window. It was an air-borne manta ray. The reason it flew into my apartment was that it was attracted to light and I had a light on. It would fly through the window and then cloak itself around the ceiling light fixture I had in the room. It would stay this way for as long as it wished and then it would fly back out. My husband and I watched this happen several times in awe. We then decided to try turning off the light to see what would happen. The manta ray still flew into our room. Apparently, it was so sunny outside that our room was flooded with light. The manta ray was still attracted to our home. Finally, we shut the window. The manta ray still flew towards us and stuck itself to our window on the outside while my husband placed his hands against the inside, pretending to feed it and watching its mouth make cool circular movements of trying to eat. It was all so awesome.

Today I dreamt that we had all gone to Alexandria to go fishing. My husband and our good friend Ahmad Mustafa were both standing on separate parts of the beach holding their fishing poles in the water. As I watched from behind, wondering if standing on a beach could ever get anyone any fish, Ahmad fell to the ground, fishing pole in hand, and was pulled for several meters on the sand. He lost his grip on the fishing pole and I watched as it was pulled along into the water at a very rapid pace. Finally, a huge fish, as large as a whale and the ugliest thing I had ever seen, surfaced. It was still pulling the fishing pole behind it. The hook was stuck in its teeth. It swam by some swimmers. One show-off got on top of it and did some fish-surfing or fish-boarding, whatever you’d like to call this odd sport. He stood on top of the fish and with his hands out to either side he kept himself balanced on top of it as it continued to swim. I have to admit it was pretty cool to watch. The fish then swam to the beach and parked itself on the edge of the water. It was so ugly. It had fins all over it and very very large scales. There was no order or logic to how they were all arranged. It was an ugly grey color. And it had huge human-like teeth. This was an ugly fish but it was also a nice fish of the non-human-eating kind. It just sat there while we looked at it, stunned. Ahmad and I discussed his lost fishing pole. “Do people lose fishing poles often?” I asked him. “Would that mean one should never buy an expensive fishing pole,” I wondered out loud. I don’t remember receiving an answer from the expert. Instead, I took out my own fishing gear and asked him to show me how to use it. He put everything together but did it without walking me through the steps and explaining things. I was a bit upset. I wanted to learn how to do it for myself, not need to have someone else always do it for me.

My post-awakening analysis:

  • I REALLY need to go to the sea.
  • I recently bought my boys fishing poles but we haven’t yet taken them out to use them. This is obviously on my subconscious mind.
  • Ahmad Mustafa needs to teach me how to use the fishing poles.
  • I hate feeling dependent on others. This has been on my conscious mind for months  now. I feel too dependent. My subconscious must agree.
  • Thank you, Nadia’s awesome subconscious, for giving me excitement and wonder just when I was really needing it.



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