I’ve voted…God help us

It’s done. I walked into the school where my voting station is. I said a short prayer to God before proceeding. “God, if there is good in this choice of mine, then make it easy for me. If there is no good in this choice of mine, then make it difficult for me. You, alone, know where our best interests lie.”

The young soldier sitting at the gate gave me directions to station number 18, where I was to go. It was a large school. There was no line at all. No one ahead of me. I gave them my name and number. They checked my ID. They gave me a piece of paper with the names and pictures of all the 13 presidential candidates. I checked on the box in front of one of them. God made it easy for me. And it was done.

I walked out of the school feeling numb. As I walked home, I eventually felt as if I wanted to cry. I held it back. A dialogue went through my head:

“What if I made the wrong choice? I have misgivings about every single one of the candidates. Strong misgivings even. What if my misgivings about this particular candidate turn out to be true? What if he wins? What will I have done then to my country? No. Even if these misgivings turn out to be true, the damage will only be minimal. There are other candidates who could do real damage. I’ve avoided them. I’ve done what I can. I’ve chosen to the best of my ability and knowledge. Now it is time for me to leave it to God.”

Last night I decided I needed to avoid reading the political statuses of my Facebook friends. I was getting stressed and upset about the hyper-politicization and missionary styles of some of them in supporting their candidates or their points of view. I was being a bit bitchy myself. I needed clarity of mind. I needed to think without being influenced. Social media has become an important information source for many of us. But it’s also become a major source of stress at times like these.

It’s done. I’m still going to avoid my friends’ political Facebook statuses for awhile. I’m going to do my best to take the weekend off from politics and relax. I’ll be interested to follow the results. But whoever wins in this round, it will not be a life-changing event for me. I will continue to observe. And hope. And pray.

God, the Egyptian people have done everything in their power to bring good to this country and remove evil. We’ve shed tears, sweat, blood, eyes, and souls. Please, God, help us now.


  1. No line makes me wonder what the final turnout will be, especially if there are others in your country who feel as you do about the candidates.

  2. Islam is like cancer.Once it takes root in a body,it spreads and spreads fast and destroys the Immune system.It is not a religion but a regimented political system.It has been around for over 1400 years but survived because it stop the human mind to think but only react with animal emotions.It stops the human mind to grow.It does not tolerate opposing opinions.It turns human being into sub-humans.Take Humanity out of a Human being and you are left with a good Muslim.You might find some exceptions among Muslims whose humanity has not parted from them yet.

    1. I’m a new here and I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughtful posts. Thank you Nadia. It’s fascinating to know more about Egypt through your blog. The conversations with your readers are also very, very interesting. I really *must* congratulate you on your patience, particularly with ranting like the above post (Nikita), which is extremely out-of-place and really rather annoying.

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