On the Prowl for the Perfect Job

I’m at a crossroads in my career. At the end of June, I’ll have completed the organization of the World Conference of Science Journalists 2011. I have been working on this conference for two years.

It’s time for me to look for a job.

Thing is, I don’t want just any job. I want the PERFECT job.

I want to be excited again about work.

I want to jump out of bed every morning, my head full of ideas ready to burst out of my cranium.

I want to come home from work exhausted yet content.

I want to have fun at my job.

I want to work with interesting people that are as different from each other yet as harmonious together as the colors of a rainbow.

I want a job where I learn something new every day.

I want the opportunity to be creative.

I don’t want to be held back by office bureaucracy.

My heart keeps telling me that my perfect job is out there waiting for me.

And because I want creativity and flexibility and fun and contentedness, I’m not looking for a job in one particular field. I’m open to ALL ideas, no matter how crazy.

I’m willing to start doing something I have no previous knowledge or skills in. I’m willing to stay in the same fields I’ve been working in. I’m willing to work in something almost new. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that this perfect job excites me.

What is my background, you ask?

First and foremost: mother of four beautiful and very independent children. They are the pride of my life.

I have a B.Sc. in medicine from Cairo University. I can practice medicine but haven’t beyond my one year of internship.

I spent seven years working as a fulltime mother, cleaner, washer, and cook.

I then started working as a science journalist. I was editor of the science department of an online website for about six years. I also worked as a deputy editor-in-chief of that website. And the director of communications for that media organization.

At the same time I freelanced for international media organizations – mainly by writing about science issues.

I also started founding the Arab Science Journalists Association and was its first president.

And I started working with the World Federation of Science Journalists.

A huge part of my existence started revolving around building the capacities of journalists around the world to cover science more professionally.

And while doing all that I got an MA in journalism and mass communication from the American University in Cairo.

I then continued my work in capacity building by working on a couple of training projects for Egyptian journalists as a program manager.

I also taught online and science journalism at a university in Egypt.

I dive. I climb mountains. I ride horses.

And I don’t just love to travel. I live to travel. And I love to live.

I’m a perfectionist at my work.

I’m great at multi-tasking.

I love watching people and listening to people. People fascinate me.

I’m a very passionate person – and it usually shows.

I’m good at thinking out of the box. I’m very bad at thinking in the box. I need to be kept out of that box for everyone’s sake.

My mom once told me I have a free spirit. I like that description of me.

Anyone who has followed me on Twitter will know I’d love to star in a Hollywood action movie where I can swing from ropes, kick down evil men with my cool karate moves, and jump from bridges.

I’d love to have my own travel program – National Geographic style (I LOVE NG) – where I can show people how much there is out there in the world to discover. I want people to know that life is here for us to live it, to feel it, to smell it, to hear it.

I’d love to continue writing about science, the environment, culture, travel.

I’d love to write my own book – fact not fiction. But I won’t tell you what I want to write about. My idea is too great to be divulged like this in public, for goodness sake.

I want to do something I know hardly anything about so I can pick it to pieces and figure it all out from scratch. I love doing that.

The one real constraint, which I don’t feel is a constraint at all, is that I must be based out of Cairo. But this doesn’t mean that I am limited to working within Egypt. I already travel at least once a month somewhere in the world. My life is readily adaptable as long as I’m based out of Cairo.

So there you have it. Send those perfect job opportunities along. You can do that by commenting to this message. If you don’t want your comment to be made public, just say so in the message and I won’t click on “approve”. If you have my email address you can email me. Figure it out. Think out of the box. If you really want to reach me you’ll find a way.


  1. I can tell u about one thing i have wanted 2 do and think it could suite u and the life style u want 2 live. why not start the first Egyptian scientific center to study the red sea and its species. the shark attacks in sharm el sheikh have showed that Egypt needs such a place, so why not start one. of course funding is a huge problem but i am sure u could figure out something.

  2. I really admire you so much… I admire you because of ur talent, ur struggle, because u are woman, mother, etc. and u can deal with all these adjectives and characteristics so well. At least, it is what i realize from you. I am brazilian but I love Egyp, even as I have never been there. I am proud of ur country and ur people and that is why i start following u on twitter. What I have to say for u about ur perfect job is I am sure u wil do it perfectly whatever it is.

    Boa sorte!!!

  3. I couldn’t help but smile when i read your title,, i feel just the same! i started my journalism career in 2005 after 2 years of working for my college’s paper along with some outside trainings.. only after one year, i wanted to quit! but i always had this sweet dream of becoming a member in the syndicate as if it’s an official statement that i AM a journalist! (it felt good). So, to have the press card i worked for 4 years more till i was promoted to some post like (the second man in the department). After all this i just quit coz i hated the editorial policy, the system-less and people’s practices (just how hypocrite & gossipping they can be!) but i needed some space for creativity. I know that maybe someone would say this is normal, you’ll find them everywhere… well not in the perfect job with the perfect ppl 🙂
    Now, i moved to freelancing choosing my own stories working my own schedule when everyone is just telling me how crazy i am sacrificing the stability, the position…etc etc. It’s not smooth especially in terms of finances but i’m just hitting the road.. so some patience Hanan (close friends tell me).
    Lately, i’ve been thinking of having my own project (in journalism of course) and also be useful to the society so i’m thinking of under-represented communities. I have the idea (started writing things down), talked to some experts and fixers and have the opportunity to apply for a fund that would cover everything but salaries. I just have to start on my own with some structure.. so why don’t we meet up? you can tell me if the project isn’t good enough or that i’m not good enough or that you can join in! 🙂

  4. What a career background. A great one indeed. You have touched and left a mark on many. I am one of them. I passed through your hands as my editor at IOL and discovered you were a great teacher and mentor. As you complete the organisation of the World Conference of Science Journalists 2011 at the end of June, I am certain you will begin yet another journey for the betterment and growth of science journalism in the world.

    1. Oh, Wanzala. How sweet of you! I learned so much from you and from others I worked with than you have from me. When I was an editor, I used to study the writings of the journalists working with me to learn how to improve my own writing. I remember your narrative style and how it always touched me and brought the stories alive. I’ve learned so much more from you.

  5. wow , i wish i could have some of your will or determination , those things that you want from your desired job is the same i want but for me it’s far away for now cause am newly graduated so i have to give some of these away ,
    you motivated me
    nice post

  6. I think you are too talented, experienced and free to be in a box designed by someone else. I think you will wake up some morning and shout “Yes! I have it! The Perfect Idea for me!” and it will be something new, unique and world altering! Good luck!

  7. Thats how I feel Right Now!! I wanna do it allll!

    Ive just graduated, and have nowhere to be, and a hazy idea of where I want to be… In Europe far away from home, trying to figure it out is not so easy… but my doors are wide open for the Perfect Job!

    I would love to hear about your perfect job when it does come along!

  8. Go freelance (outside of the box and all): International revolutionary for hire: Re-inspires tired old struggles (like in Burma) with unique brand of humour. Probably won’t pay too well (Wealthy are seldom revolutionary) though likely to be tax-free and you could agree a bonus on overthrow.

  9. Hi Nadia,

    I’m just discovering your blog and enjoying your grit an honesty.

    I work with the education for emploent foundation and although I might be biased, we are a diverse office where we are all very passionate about what we do. We have 2 position openings in program management. We work in addressin the challenge o yiuthynemployment through marlet driven education Check us out on efefoundation.org. If interested please get In touch (i included my email below) and I can send you the position announcements.

    Happy job hunting

    Shahinaz (pls excuse my writing I’m tech challenged and didn’t know how to review on my phone)

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