Politics and Religion: Be Gone With You

I write today while in a serious state of stress. This particular stressful state stems from a gradually increasing anger and frustration with the goings-on in Egypt, the

I'm telling you. It's driving me crazy!

Arab/Islamic regions, and the world in general that have anything to do with religion and/or politics. And too frequently the two have been mixing to give me a double dose of stress.

I’ve reached my saturation level. I cannot take it anymore.

I cannot go on hearing about Muslims involved in terror attacks.

I cannot go on hearing about backlashes to these attacks that involve intolerance towards everything that is Muslim and Islam.

I cannot go on hearing about things such as a rogue group of Muslim scholars instigating economic boycotts against Christian citizens living in an “Islamic” state (Egypt in this case) because these scholars are upset with certain actions of that country’s Church.

I cannot go on hearing about Muslim scholars supporting the physical abuse of wives who “abstain from giving sex to their husbands”.

I cannot go on hearing about bans of religious freedoms in countries that I had once assumed were all about religious and personal freedoms.

I cannot go on hearing about corruption in almost every single Arab government we have.

I cannot go on hearing about the lack of democracy in my region of the world; about the lack of support to basic human rights; and experiencing this on a day-to-day basis.

I cannot go on hearing about countries waging wars on other countries based on unfounded suspicions or delusions of bringing democracy to them by the “edge of the sword”, as we say in the Arab world. I cannot go on hearing about the death and destruction this has brought to those countries.

I cannot go on hearing about people’s extreme interpretations of their religions that result in varying forms of abuse of other individuals (of the same religion or other religions).

I can’t do it anymore.

So I am crawling into a hole that I will dig for myself. In this hole, I will close my eyes and ears off to anything related to politics and religion. I will shut my mouth and restrain my tongue from discussing them.

I have discovered that I do not have the stamina or the necessary level of mental strength or health to deal with it all.

I fully realize that there is still much good in this world. I fully support those people out there who have the stamina and the necessary level of mental strength to face it all, fight injustice, demand equalities and democracy, and find ways to create enough awareness in this world that will allow people to tolerate each other no matter what they believe.

But I am not one of those people. I know this now.

I will not resort to becoming a useless member of society nevertheless.

I will focus on being good at the jobs that I do. I will try to raise my children to be productive members of society and I dream that my children grow up to have free minds and spirits.

But I’m done with reading about politics and religion. And I’m done talking about them.

I’m done.


  1. I am sure you’ll get back to it, but it seems clear that you deserve a break.

    If we can live with a Prime Minister whose best friends are Putin and Ghaddafi (who uses the warships Italy gave him as a present to shoot Italian fishingboats in International waters; and the official excuse by our government is that they probably took it for a boat full of illegal immigrants, as if that would be normal…) well, if we can still live with that I am sure you can too.


  2. Yikes… Nadia, hang in there 😦 But I think in time you will reach a final resolution; to either consider this a much deserved break as Fabio mentioned above or to get back to it but with grain of salt/moderation. Either way, it is YOUR life, do as you wish with it.. Cheers 😉

  3. Sorry you’re so stressed, Nadia. Remember that politics has always been corrupt(ing), at least in every country I’ve ever been to, and every era I’ve ever read about.
    The level of stupid commentary and behavior by extremists on all sides is disgusting, but much of it is driven by fear and ignorance.
    p.s. – you’re good at science writing, too.

  4. Mind if i am asking why must Arab and Israel crisis put all of us in difficult condition when we do know that between the country (American proxy countries and Russia proxy countries and European proxy countries) they do not have a conflict in reality when they now create the new innovative in industry using diplomatic cooperation?

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