Wanted: Crazy People for as of yet Unknown Crazy Adventure

I am seeking a small, select group of really crazy people to start planning for a super-crazy adventure (no idea what it might be at this point – it’s that crazy). Said group of crazy people must be able to get along with and depend on each other. They must know how to turn the worst situation into a funny one. Applicants must have past crazy experiences. They must know how to pee in the outdoors and actually enjoy it. They should not require the use of toilet paper or any sort of sanitizing agent for hands after a good pee or poo. They must not be picky about what/if they eat or where they sleep. They must enjoy the company of insects, the sweaty smell of other human beings who have not showered for weeks, and getting wet (whether from the heat and humidity or from snow and/or rain). Applications must include CV, picture, and a 500 word essay on why you’d want to spend a prolonged period of time with me doing crazy things. Also submit your ideas for potential crazy project and how to fund it.

Applications should be sent as a comment to this post.

Deadline: July 30, 2010.


  1. my past crazy experiences:
    1-drived to sharm and return in same day with my used car.
    2-training boxing and my first match in my life was with the champion of my unviersity (played this match without a coatch).
    3-Jumping in the middle of the Nile.(i m not good in swiming).
    5-Diving (i know its not scary for you but its for other..:)).)

    wanna spend a prolonged period of time with you doing crazy things because we speak the same language,,,Crazy langauge,,,i think i will write in my CV tht i had the pleasure to make crazy things with Dr.Nadia
    i was thinking to make crazy things alone,,,i have dream to travel through the country walking,,wanna go the desert and spend days and days there.
    wanna go to country like Ghana ,,Soumal,,,and watching and take picture to all the different kind of animals there.
    wanna dive in all the different sea of the world
    i think with you all my dreams can come true…:))

    i dont know how can i attach my CV and my picture?

    1. Don’t worry about the CV and picture ya Amr. I know your CV and I know what you look like. The only thing missing from your application is suggestions of actual projects and how to fund them. Heh?

    1. Yes. Sometimes you need to minimize the amount of things you carry on an adventure. This might mean giving up on sanitizing gel and that the little water you have must be used for drinking and not washing. If this thought is too much for someone to handle, they are not ready for the type of adventure I’d like to consider. Sanitizing gel is nice to have around, but you might not have it. Basically, you need to be able to deal with nature as God has created it. God did not create sanitizing gel. Before sanitizing gel, there was soap. Before soap, there was scrubbing your hands in the dirt or sand to clean your hands. You can either handle that or you can’t.

    2. يعني حتتضايقوا من كلمة بول أو براز أو تتضايقوا من عدم استخدام جيل وعايزين تطلعوا مغامرات؟ شعب متدلع أيه ده بس يا ربي؟ 🙂

    3. بقالي ساعات وأنا بأحاول أفهم ايه اللي قلته غلط في الجملة دي اللي يضايق قارئ للدرجة دي. وفجأة مخي نور. اللي ما عاش في الطبيعة قبل كده يمكن ما عندهوش تخيل الناس بتتطهر من البول والغائط ازاي…خاصة في عدم وجود ماء جاري. وبالتالي لو كل اللي في بالهم التطهر بالشكل العادي اللي بنعمله في بيوتنا، فطبيعي يستنكروا عدم غسل اليدين بعد التبول والتغوط. شوف يا سيدي…مهم تعرف أنه في مناسبات كثيرة أثناء الحياة في الطبيعة بنلجأ للاستجمار اللي وصفه رسول الله وهو استخدام شيء ناشف للتطهر كالحجر أو ورق الشجر أو ورق التوالت لو وجد. وبالتالي ليس هناك لمس مباشر بين اليد وبين النجاسة. أرجو أني كده أكون وضحت نقطة هامة خاصة بالحياة في الطبيعة

  2. :))) me? Upset from pee and poo?!

    I think i didnt explain my point,. I am not annoyed of the idea itself and I wasn’t arguing that. I totally agree that sometimes we had to do so. It is just that you put it as a MUST in your adventure so I didnt understand why I can’t carry my anti bacterial gel? It is less than 0.1 Kg !!!

    1. The must is that you can live without it. I don’t want fluffy people who will get all picky on me if they lose their gel or if they have to let go of it because we need minimum weight on the trip. That’s all.

  3. Name: Hazem Mohamed Hashem Morshed.

    Most people consider me as an out of mind person but I do not think so.

    When someone go diving some people think of him as a crazy person but this does not mean that they are right because they are a majority but vice versa maybe because they have a severe lack of knowledge the easiest thing for them is to say “ Oh he is crazy, he is out of his mind”.

    Same situation happens in the diver’s community when extremes are approached ordinary divers will consider an extraordinary jungle diver like my self a crazy person because of the same concept again “Lack of Knowledge”.

    In my opinion crazy people who are successful in life are full of power “physical and well” that is why other ordinary people speed is much slower so there are no meeting points.

    Crazy people will get along as soon as they meet each other no talking is needed acting is much more powerful.

    Most of my ideas do not meet ordinary people and most ordinary people way of thinking almost about anything “trips, cloth, shopping, food, speed, joy and so on” can not meet me.

    The point of pee is O.K the point of food is O.K anything is O.K as long as I am in nature.
    “Pee in a toilet + Modern world= Very bad thing” BUT “Pee in nature without sterilize is a great thing”.

    Some crazy points:
    1.) Any car I drive I try to reach the maximum speed written although maybe the car capabilities are lesser than what is written.
    2.) In some trips no sleep for two days or just sleep 4 hours.
    3.) Diving in the middle of the blue tracing sharks on extreme depths.
    4.) Tandem skydiving.
    5.) Going through an uncompleted asphalt road using an ordinary car.
    6.) Driving in roads at night with no cars or what so ever around for 100 km only one police point and an officer asked to join I said ok and after we drove and took the deserted road he said ”although I am a policeman with a gun I am scared; you doctors do not have any sense of fear”.
    7.) Since I was 15 years old I want to go to the outer space and be there for decades and anyone I tell him this he considers me crazy but I am serious 100%.
    8.) My dream is to be in nature with almost no civilization and with the fewest people around.

    Suggested projects:
    1.) Driving from Cairo to Cape Town using 4X4.
    2.) Going to the South Pole landing by airplane in Macapa Amazon Brasil in South America and driving 4×4 to Ushuaia in Argantina then the ship to the South Pole.
    3.) Driving 4×4 through Australia from west to east then going to Cairns Australia to start a life time diving trip in the Great Barrier Reef and watch shark feeding.
    4.) Going on a trip in Egypt 4X4 Cairo, Wahat, Dakhla, Kharga, Farafra, El Gelf ElKebeer, Bahr Elremal El Aazam, Siwa, Matrouh, Alexandria and then Cairo.

    1.) Through the major three mobile phone companies “one of them”.
    2.) Through Arab businessmen like Elkharafy, Elwaleed ben Talal and so on.
    3.) Through 4X4 Cars like Landrover, BMW and Mercedes.
    4.) Through Banks.
    5.) Through food industries.
    6.) Through pharmaceutical industries.

    Consider me in and in and in and in and in and in and in and in and in and in.

    Extraordinary and Beyond Limits Jungle Diver
    Hazem Hashem

    N.B:by the way try to ask ordinary people about this dialogue that you have wrote and my response and others response to it and tell me what they will say.

  4. humm
    I’m not crazy .. and I’m not normal too!!
    I just love to do new things .. I love camping and I did it times before.
    😀 I do want to experience this one with u ya Dr, but It seems that u really want crazy people .. it’s the first time in my life to want to be crazy 😀
    I think I can be crazy according to the situations 😀

  5. مرحبا، لاحظت أن أغلب المتحمسين للفكرة هم من جنس الذكور، فهل ذلك يعني أن جنس الإناث لا يمتلك الرغبة في خوض المغامرات؟

  6. I love challenges !! challenge me and I will amaze you !!

    The challenges I’ve been through so far:
    – Since I was a little kid, I used to ride the most thrilling rides in the amusement park (I’m not talking about the naive parks in Egypt )
    – Climbed Mount. St. Catherine ( although I have some breath problems)
    – I flied on a Glider
    – I will have my first dive after Ramadan isA.

    Still I’m an amatuer when it comes to challenges, but I want to take it the next level …

    Ideas for adventures:
    – Cycling along the Mediterranean or the Nile.
    – Exploring Ba7r alremal Ala3zam

    How to fund it:
    – Multinational petroleum companies
    – Energy Drinks companies (Mountain Dew, Red Bull)

    Just let me know how to submit my CV and the essay.

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