Kilimanjaro: Day 4, Aug 14, 6:30 am

Directly from my diary as per above date:

Just got up and prayed fajr. Im back to worry-mode; worrying about the next 24 hours. Trying to get myself out of that.

I peed last night only three times, I think. The first was actually quite funny. I woke up at 11pm (we slept at 8:30pm) with my heart all set on being able to avoid our disgusting toilets and to just pee next to the hut under the cloak of night. But then Amy dropped out of her cot to go too saying that she’d rather do it at the sam time as me so she doesn’t fall down on my face at another time while I sleep (remember that she always had the upper cot). And just as we both headed toward the door Renate jumped out of her sleeping bag saying she’d go too. I started thinking we’d need to lock our hut’s door from the outside since we were all leaving and asked Renate where the key was. She replied, with no masked urgency, “I don’t know. I just REALLY have to go!” and she rushed out of the hut. So I scrambled for the key, locked the door and rushed out after the others. And of course with all of us out I couldn’t just flash them all and pee in my favorite peeing spot (neither could they) so we all headed to the toilets, which smelled absolutely awful and I gagged my way back to the hut.

I dreamt A LOT last night too. Renate and Amy tell me that happens at high altitude. I didn’t know that!

One dream involved me pushing a huge cow out of our hut. We had actually seen a herd of cows on our way up in the rainforest the first day of the hike. Peter said it was probably a herd that escaped from its owner and called someone to inform them of the missing cows.

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