Nadia’s ten pre-Kilimanjaro concerns

  1. I only have one pair of good winter pants with me. What if I pee in or on them (both are a real possibility given past experiences).
  2. That I don’t have enough snacks with me.
  3. That I have too many snacks – adding extra weight.
  4. That I don’t have the right kind of snacks – thus not replenishing my body with my actual needs.
  5. That the aluminum water bottles I just bought do not act like a thermos and that the water in them will simply freeze.
  6. That I break my glasses and end up wearing sunglasses at night on the summit climb.
  7. That I have to pee in the outdoors because I can’t hold myself until we reach the next toilet and that it’s so cold that the pee freezes on its way out.
  8. That the two American women who are in my group (that’s my group: just two American women and me) turn out to be super-bionic power women and that I can’t keep up with them.
  9. That I don’t sleep at all during the climb exacerbating possible altitude sickness symptoms. Given the fact that I have never been able to get a real night’s sleep during any of my many (two) camping experiences this is a real possibility. 
  10. That I get sick before I even leave Egypt making the climb all that much harder. I am so concerned about this last one that I’ve actually been feeling sick for the past three days. I have no idea if this is real or imaginary.

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